November 28, 2007

601 Great Scrapbook Ideas

Yippeeeee, it's here!! After a year of sending in my entry for this new idea book, it has finally become a reality... My first time in print with Memory Makers, a well known Publication Company. I am soooo excited to see myself in this book with hundreds of amazing scrapbookers! According to Memory Makers, their were thousands of entries that they went through... When you put it in that perspective, I now understand why it is so hard to be published... And i have to say that I feel very honored!

November 18, 2007

Cambridge, MD

Hello! Just got back from Cambridge, MD today. My friend Renee and I had such a great time at the spa resort! The massage and facial was awesome. The best... We also had a great time at the bars in Cambridge. The locals were soooo much fun. Everyone was friendly and a lot of fun! There were marines there and i was sure to let them know that I appreciate everything that they do for our country. One guy I spoke with, he is currently stationed in Maryland and his wife is in California. They plan to have a baby when he gets home soon. Renee and I had the best time together. We laughed so hard all weekend.

Here are some photos that i took while we were away, just a few. We were having too much fun instead of taking photos :)

November 5, 2007

Emergency last night

Had to go to the emergency room last night, was there 11 pm to 5ish. I give Pete credit, he was a trooper and I’ve never seen him move so fast when I told him that I need to go to the ER. I was in so much pain during the ride to the ER that it was hard to talk. Felt like I was having contractions. Jeez if that’s a little what labor’s suppose to be like. FORGET IT! I couldn’t even breath because the pain was so bad. It Was a nightmare and something i never want to experience again. Had severe blood clots and cramping. Ugh, Pete though i was going to bleed to death. I'll have to go to doc in few days because they need to make sure they got everything out and then i need to make sure white cells dropped because they indicated an infection but they don't know where.

My grandmother just came to go get my prescription etc. What a mess. I don't ever want to go through this again. The first wasn’t a big deal cause it was so early, this was pretty intense even the nurses/docs were like oh shit. which didn't make me feel comfortable one bit.

I am taking a pill thats suppose to get the rest out. and not to be gross but ugh, i almost puked all over the bathroom... i had clots 4-5 itches long and 2 inches wide that fell out on the floor. Can you even imagine... like i said the biggest nightmare. I feel a hell of a lot better today, i think most of the clots are out, Pete though i was going to bleed to death. I went through 10 or more pads last night in just a few hours and 3 gowns.

Hopefully my regular doc can run test to let me know if i can carry or not so i can consider my options. Adoption sounds better and better after last night. I go to my doctor on Wednesday to have more blood drawn to make sure my Beta dropped and white blood cells because they were extremely high. I sure home that they drop because I don’t want anymore issues. My body’s had enough for right now. I do know one thing, I’m back on the patch because no baby’s coming out of me til I know what’s going on.

Tips on getting published!

Tips on Getting Published!
It has worked for me…

1. When you send your layouts to be considered for publication, be sure to include a note thanking the reviewer for considering your work for publication!
2. Send a clean scan of your layouts when you submit for calls eliminating distracting objects in the background.
3. Techniques/design notes with photos and instructions help because it shows that you are willing to share your tips with others and by doing this, you are helping scrappers step out of the box and learn something new!
4. I know that some scrappers will only submit if he or she has a layout that’s already done that fits the call… But I have to be honest here; I’ve had lots of success with creating layouts specifically for the call.
5. Do not keep sending the same old layouts, create new layouts to submit and try to scrap a variety of themes instead of just one subject.
6. Double layouts tend to be appealing to the editors! I’ve had 4 selected for publication… they almost always get picked up because most people shy away from these types of layouts.
7. Submit to the more obscure calls; if there’s a call for baby, vacation, school, all about you, family, hobbies, love layouts, go for calls that you think people would avoid due to the requirements.
8. Great photos, journaling and a title are a must! The layouts/projects that I’ve had chosen to be published included all of these elements. If the title and photo speak for themselves then you may be able to get away with having no journaling.
9. Send one project/layout per email!
10. Make sure your title is visible and easily seen without other distracting objects or photos in the way.
11. And most importantly, watch your spelling!

Good luck in getting published!