March 15, 2011

I'm over the moon right now!

So last week I received a call from Heidi at 11:54am on Friday. I missed it too... Her first call too! LOL. But I was at work. So I went to lunch at noon and checked my phone to see if I got a call. I told Jen that I was expecting a call but not really... So I got Heidi's voice mail saying I didn't answer the phone... and that I must be at work. So I called right away. And she picked up laughing and I started giggling and said "Heidi". LOL... I just couldn't believe it. Seriously. I love how she said she was excited when I submitted my application because she loves my work. Let me re-phrase that, she said "you just... you've got it!!!" It's nice to know that people really love my work because I don't give myself enough credit. People tell me I'm a talented person but I don't believe them but that's what keeps me humble and I like that about me.

I vaguely remember saying I was shocked to be selected because Diane was on the team. Diane rocks and our styles are similar but the difference is, she scraps 12X12 I don't. Well occassionally I do. Heidi is so awesome. I remember admiring her work when she was a designer for Bad Girls! I always thought she looked sweet and hearing her voice proved that she is really sweet. So I'm so thrilled to be on this FANTASTIC TEAM!!!

March 6, 2011

Today was a good day

It's been fun watching the little man try to take over my scraproom. LOL. I tell him that he has his toys, I have mine but he still insistes on going for mommy's Creative Memories punches that are stored under my desk. He reaches his little hands through my bags and grins when he pulls them out.

Earlier while we were downstairs I was on the couch watching Blues Clues while Edward was playing with his toys... you all know how that happens right? LOL... Well I happened to look over at the little guy and he looks at me and rubs his tummy and says Nana. Daddy has been teaching him to rub his tummy when he's hungry and it works! I took him right upstairs and fed him. I love how he is learning how to communicate his needs to us. He's so sweet.

Little man was trying so hard to get mommy's coffee today. I had fun watching him torture himself into thinking he could get it. HEHE.

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