My Resume


I would like to share with others ways in which they can create simple and beautiful layouts with just the right photos, design and embellishments. While I'm in the process of doing do, I hope to inspire others to use their own handwriting to share their stories straight from their hearts onto paper!


I am a wife and a mom of a 7-year-old boy. I live with my son, husband, Pete, and 2 kitties (Jessica and Toby. Currently, I work for a credit union, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. When I'm not working, I am at home playing with my son and at night, when he's asleep, I scrap! I'd like to say I am more of a simple/journalist scrapper, but I tend to do a variety of different things. I love creating layouts which include stamping and mixed media, mini albums, pocket pages and even planners.

I began scrapbooking in January 2002, but I didn't really get serious about the hoppy or discover the online communities until August 2006. I remember when my mom asked me to go to a Creative Memories party with her. I laughed at her, telling her no way am I going to sit at a table of older people and scrap. I was young and stupid. LOL. I told her I was not creative enough... But by the time I left that party, I had my first album, cardstock in several colors, pens, trimmer, scissors, stickers and several triangle cardstock shapes! LOL. Those were the days! Little did I know how addicting scrapbooking can be. I totally love this hobby. It makes me happy to create projects for my family members and it's my therapy!

What makes me an asset on a design team?

I am dependable, reliable, and I can work under a tight deadline. I like to work ahead of schedule and I usually have my assignments completed a few weeks early. Scrap members can expect to see different styles and designs from me with instructions on how to use new techniques on their layouts. Although I am a simple scrap-booker, my layouts are clean, simple, but attractive. I take great pride in my work therefore, I produce quality projects. I enjoy telling a story with the majority of my layouts.



Bad Girls Couture- September 2017-Present
Clique Kits-April 2015-September 2017

The Awesome Ladies Project- August 2017-August 2018
Creative Memories (Blog Contributor)- July 2017-Prestent
Pretty Little Studio-August 2015-Present
Zva Creative- November 2011-November 2014
Glitz Design-July 2011-April 2013
May Arts-August 2012-Febraury 2013
Creative Memories- November 2010-December 2012
Zutter- May 2012-September 2012
GCD Studios-April 2011-April 2012
Epiphany Crafts- March 2011-March 2012
Tattered Angels- November 2010-December 2011

Bad Girls Couture- September 2017-Present
Clique Kits-October 2014-September 2017
Scrapbooking from the inside out- January 2012-June 2013
House of Art- March 2011-May 2011
My Scrapbook Nook- March 2010-September 2010


JustNick Studios-January 2016-June 2017
Susanscrapbookshack- March 2007- March 2008


ScrapStreet- May 2009-December 2012
Ready-Set-Create- June 2007-February 2010.


Creative Scrappers Sketch Blog- October 2010- January 2011
Inspired Blueprints Sketch Blog- Jan.2009-June 2009


September, 2017- Fall Fave Mini Album
December, 2016- Magic
June, 2016-Wonder
September, 2015- Life is Good
March, 2015- Celebrate Today


June, 2018- Love, TGIF, Family
March, 2018- 38, You Can Do Amazing Things
December, 2017- The Naughty List, I Heart Mew, Home, Winter
September, 2017-Darth, Wild Child
June, 2017- Fantastic Colors, Beach Fun, Weekend Fun
March, 2017- Happy Little Moments


December 2016
Creating with Sketches Volumn 4-Amazing


September, 2015-Loving You

December, 2014-Family love (Special Photo Pocket Scrapbooking: Volume 2).


March, 2015-Today
March, 2013-Us
September, 2012 (Vol 14 No 12)-Spring
August, 2012 (Vol 14 No 11)-Listen
April, 2012 (Vol 14 No 7)- Family Fun Day
February, 2012 (Vol 14 No 4)- Good Times
December, 2011 (Vol 14, No 2)-Today
November, 2011 (Vol 14 No 1)-Life is good
October, 2011 (Vol 13 No 12)-Looking back
September, 2011 (Vol 13 No 11)- Dear Nicole
July, 2011 (Vol 13 No 8)-Elephant
March, 2011 (Vol 13 No 4)-The Gators
January, 2011 (Vol 13 No 2)- Almost There


May, 2014- We were here, Little artist
February, 2014- Love this, Pals
November, 2013- 14 years together, Baby, it’s cold outside
February, 2013- Fun
November, 2012- Nature Boy, Christmas Morning
June, 2012- Summer/Beach Baby
February, 2012- Beautiful


January, 2014- Picnic beach, Sail Away With Me (Special Scrapbooking Handbook Issue).
May/June 2013- Love.
January 2013- You look like your daddy (Special Babies and Toddlers Issue).
November/December 2012- Watching the dolphins (photo).
July 2012- Edward (Mixed Media Issue- Chapter 3).
May/June 2012- You & Me.
January 2012-You Shine Today (Scrapbooking Ideas for Every Season- Chapter3).
November/December 2011- You’re Looking Kind of Old Manish.
October 2011- Our Time.
July/August 2011- Keepin Cool (Fast and Fabulous).

December 2013- I’m kind of a big deal.
September 2013- Autumn Splendor
October 2012- Cooper
September 2012- One Happy Family
August, 2012- Friends, Meme

November 2011- Be amazing.

June, 2014-Meme, this is for you…, Smile, In the Moment
May, 2014- Aruba, Celebrate
April, 2014- Life is better with you, Good times, Beach fun
March, 2014-Remember
February, 2014- I really, really like you, Remember this
January, 2014- You are loved, Love
December, 2013- My family, Hey sugar
November, 2013- Already?
October, 2013- You make my heart sing (Award winning style).
April, 2013- Ready Set Go
March, 2013- Summer Fun Mini (One Amazing Album).
January, 2013-Top Ten Moments of 2012, Sometimes
November, 2012- Oh Happy Day
August, 2012- Dominant
July, 2012- Everything here is wonderful, Love you, Celebrate every single day
May, 2012- New Yorkers
April, 2012- Imagine
January, 2012- A fine adventure
November, 2011- Back then we used to be campers, Prom
October, 2011- Play
June, 2011- Love  
May, 2011- Dream out loud
February, 2011- Priceless
January, 2011- Let me brag
May, 2010-Sisterly Love
April, 2010- Why I Blog, Our family mini album.


June 2014 Summer Mini Idea Book-Today and tomorrow.
March 2014 Embellishment Idea Book-You’re my favorite.
February 2014 Vintage Idea Book-Us.
December 2013 Mini Album Idea Book-Grow old with me…
July 2013 Modern Vintage- Baby, Friends, Risky, Home sweet home, Today
May 2013 Embellishment Idea Book- Don’t Forget, Be awesome today.
April 2013 Sketch Idea Book- Fall Fun Memories, Remember to, I adore my family, Today, Washington D.C., Today, Away we go, Hello.
February 2013 Stamping Idea Book-Dream, Family
January 2013 Vintage Idea Book- One beautiful day, Nerd, Everyone deserves a little bit of sunshine, My favorite thing is to go where I have never been.
December 2012 Mini Idea Book-Words of Wisdom, My family, Memorirs.
October 2012 Holidays Idea Book- Happy Holidays.
September 2012 Stamping Idea Book- A Beautiful Thing, Our family of 3 album, Love at home, Why?
July 2012 Embellishment Idea Book- Yours truly, 2010 Blizard, Enjoy the adventure, Life is beautiful together.
June 2012 Mini Idea Book-Seize the day, Us.
May 2012 All About Baby- What’s the recipe for a happy pregnancy?, New.
April 2012 Quick and Easy Book-Mom, Life is good with you love, Love.
March 2012 Spring Mini Idea Book- Grand-dad, You and me.
February 2012 Stamping Idea Book-Natural beauty, Summer Fun, Us 2 enjoying the park, You’re One, Words of wisdom mini album, Special times with momom mini album.
January 2012 Vintage Idea Book- Life as we know it, The artist in me, Cherished moments of momom.
December 2011 Mini Book- Family, Best Friends Forever, Prom.
October 2011 Holidays Idea Book- Happy Winter.
September 2011 Families Idea Book- You make us happy.
April 2011 Mini Book- Things.
July 2011 Stamping Idea Book- Love, Once in a lifetime mini album.
June 2011 For the home- Altered coasters, Altered Crate.
May 2011 Mini Book- My first homecoming.  
April 2011 Embellishment Book- High school, Sisters.  
February 2011 Quick and Easy- Cutie, Together
January 2011 Mini Book- The journey


Winter, 2007- Family Gathering (double layout). 
Winter, 2007- Beautiful Costa Rica (double layout).


March, 2010- My Favorites mini album


2011 Memory Makers Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas- A newborn’s conversation with God, My top tunes, Hidden meatballs, 37 Weeks, Picking Flairs.
2010 Memory Makers Remember This!-Are we blowing the leaves?
2007 Memory Makers 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas- My Journey.

Spring/Summer 2012- Life of the party, Nature’s Sanctuary and Winter.

Spring/Summer 2011- Sunbeams of happiness, Winter Wonderland and Rest & Relaxation.

Fall/Winter 2011- Nature’s Sanctuary, Nature Boy, Life of the party and Winter.


February, 2016-Together (Bella Blvd).
August, 2011- Tic-Tac-Toe game (G.C.D Studios).


January, 2018- Pebbles Inc.
July, 2017- Scrapbook Expo Blog
February, 2017- Jillibean Soup
August, 2015- Scrapbook and Cards Today
May, 2013- We R Memory Keepers
November 2012- American Crafts